Assisted Living
in your home!

Retire-in-Place brings the services of a senior facility directly into your home. No need to move or worry your loved ones.

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Essential Package

Complete alternative to assisted living.
Per Month for a Couple
Personal Advocate Team
Daily Caregiver
Caregiver-Prepared Meals
Monthly Handyman Visit
Monthly Home Cleaning
Monthly Fitness & Health Coach​
Car Transportation
Monthly Nurse Wellness Visits
Medication Management
Event Coordination
Online Learning/Teaching
Home Health Care

Carefree Package

First-class retirement in your own home.
Per Month for a Couple
Personal Advocate Team
Live-in Caregiver
Chef-prepared Meals
Routine Home Maintenance
Weekly Home Cleaning
Weekly Fitness & Health Coach​
Car Transportation
Monthly Nurse Wellness Visits
Medication Management
Event Coordination
Online Learning/Teaching
Home Health Care

Your Personal Advocate Team

You’re never alone with your Personal Advocate Team at your side!
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Coordinating your healthcare
Blue Checkmark
Taking care of the house
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Helping you thrive in retirement!

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with exceptional service providers in our area.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider Retire-in-Place?
Retire-in-Place was developed as a complete solution to enable seniors to thrive in their own home, avoid moving to a facility and minimize worry by their loved ones over health issues or home maintenance needs. Staying in your own home also reduces the exposure risk of uncontrolled facility outbreaks of communicable diseases like COVID-19.​
Is Retire-in-Place right for me?​

Retire-in-Place offers a wide variety of custom and packaged solutions ranging from a phone call or visit, all the way up to fully managed live-in care that includes routine household maintenance. We offer a free in-home consultation to review the program and answer all your questions.​
Can I still get COVID-19 in my home?​
There is still a slight risk, but lower if everyone is vaccinated. The risk of contracting COVID-19 is much greater in a senior living facility because of the close contact from infected individuals that spreads quickly.​
How does Retire-in-Place compare to Assisted Living facilities?​
Click here to download a side-by-side feature comparison of Retire-in-Place compared to the average Assisted Living facility offering in Northern Virginia. Most seniors want to retire in their own home. Assisted Living facilities require you to move, sell your cherished possessions, uproot your life, take you away from the home and pets you have enjoyed for decades and conform to their lifestyle, schedules and food.​
Download Compare PDF
What if I just hire a Care Manager?​
Our Personal Advocate Team is included with Retire-in-Place and provides advisory services similar to paid Care Managers. However, we are different from most Care Managers because we don't work by the hour. Our Personal Advocate Team is included in our packages. They coordinate healthcare issues, take care of routine household maintenance and help seniors to thrive in retirement with monthly activities. Senior Living Advisors from A Place for Mom accept referral fees from companies they refer you to, so their advice might not be objective. We never accept referral fees from any partners or anyone we refer you to.
How do you manage medication compliance and refills?​
Upon admission, our Registered Nurse will inventory all of your medications and review it with your physician if necessary. We partner with ExactCare that consolidates your medications into individually dosed and timed “pill packs” for improvement in compliance. Our caregivers will provide medication reminders for the pill packs.
What assistance do you have for Family Caregivers?​
We know loved ones want the best for their elderly relatives, friends and neighbors. But they have their own family and job that consumes their time. We have developed care programs specifically to re-assure busy and stressed family caregivers by providing complete care solutions to lessen worry. We also have training and support resources for family caregivers.​
What if I want to customize the service?​
Retire-in-Place programs are customizable for your situation. Many features are also available a la carte. And remember, our packages include coordination from our Personal Advocate Team! We’ve thought of all details involved in retiring at home! Let us do all the work for you.​
What if I already have some of the services in a package?​
We understand that you may already have specific services in our full service packages, particularly services a HOA may cover. We can quote custom plans depending on your home, lifestyle needs and healthcare requirements. We will adjust the package price for adding or removing services.​
Who pays for this service?​
Retire-in-Place is self-pay, and can also be paid for by Long Term Care Insurance plans. We bill Medicare Part A for skilled home health care nursing and therapy services - you are not billed for those services for which we bill Medicare directly. Partner services included in some packages are billed to you directly, such as home maintenance plans and chef-prepared meals. No “teaser” rates! We are very transparent with all costs and the billing process and do not lock you into any contract term beyond a month, and there are no up-front fees. All billing details will be reviewed with you upon admission.​
What healthcare services can I receive in my home?​
Advances in technology and Medicare regulations have brought many services into your home for greater convenience and safety from office-acquired infection. Skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work, medical equipment and physician house calls can be safely performed at home.​
Is a deposit required?​
No. Unlike some senior living facilities, we do not require an entrance fee nor do we require any type of startup fee or deposit. All services are billed month-to-month with no commitment.​
What if I don’t like the service?​
If you find that our service is not for you or your living arrangement has changed, you can discontinue at the end of the current month. You are only committed by the month.
Is transportation included?​
Depending on your package, car transportation is provided for you by our caregiver, as well as accompaniment to the appointment if needed. See our Client Information Booklet on transportation terms. If our caregiver drives the client’s car, mileage is not billed to you. If our caregiver drives their own car or our company car, there is a fee of 75 cents per mile.​
If Family Caregivers live out of the area, how can they be involved?
Our scheduling/management software enables family caregivers to stay connected via the web and see the care schedules, monthly visits from care professionals, healthcare plans and household maintenance visits. Your Personal Advocate Team coordinates all of our services and can guide you in using to these online tools.​
How do seniors stay engaged and independent at home?​
Our Events Manager coordinates monthly events to enable seniors to engage and interact with the community, family and friends. Also, for packages with a regularly scheduled caregiver, car transportation is available to take them where they want to go – on their schedule – to maintain independence!​
How can I focus on greater prevention of disease?​
Our Registered Nurse, Fitness & Wellness Coach and therapists (if necessary) will collaborate to create a purpose-driven wellness plan to help you thrive at home and live a healthy and fulfilling life that minimizes pain.​
Are there clients you won’t accept?​
Retire-in-Place is usually unable to accept individuals with severe cognitive impairments, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, who may be a danger to themselves or others in a residential home. Residential homes cannot be secured from the inside due to fire safety. A controlled-access memory care facility may be a safer choice for those with a cognitive impairment. During our initial consultation, we can discuss appropriate memory care facilities for you. We are not paid referral fees - our advice is objective.​
What geographic area do you cover?​
We service the following counties in Northern Virginia: Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Arlington and Alexandria. More areas coming soon.​
How do you handle emergencies?​
In a medical emergency, always dial 911 for emergency assistance. For our Carefree and Essentials packages, our Personal Advocate Team and RN Case Managers are available 24/7/365 to address concerns, troubleshoot problems and coordinate healthcare after a hospitalization.
What are your COVID-19 protocols?​
All Five Star Home Health Care employees are vaccinated. We follow infection control guidelines from the CDC and we are continuously adapting our service to follow local recommendations. Healthcare employees are still wearing a mask while providing care as an added precaution, even though they are not required. Our partner companies have their own COVID-19 policies which we can review with you at admission.​
How many people are included?​
Pricing for the packages is for 2 people living in the home.
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